About Rustic Tapware - European Artisan Made Taps, Spouts and Spigots

Artistic spout and backplate with dragon design

Rustic Tapware is a European supplier of artisan water taps, hose-bib spigots and fountain spouts for interior and exterior decor in brass

Renaissance Arts Company Limited is the proud owner and operator of Rustic Tapware, a renowned supplier of exquisitely crafted water taps, sink faucets, and water fountain spouts and fittings. With a rich history dating back to 2003, we have been dedicated to providing artistically designed products that enhance the aesthetic appeal of classic gardens, homes of character and elegant commercial establishments.

All our brass tapware is sourced from various European artisans and workshops and as these craftsmen like to say 'our works may look identical but each piece is actually differrent and makes every tap or spout a unique work of art'.

Each piece of tapware, spout, and backplate is meticulously crafted in limited quantities, leading to subtle differences in size, finish, and polish. This results in a wide range of knobs, valves, and back plates that can be effortlessly interchanged with these distinctive taps, spouts, and spigots, thus creating a truly unique and rare combination most of the time.

Since our brassware is crafted using age-old method our works are intended to tarnish and patinate with time to develop a distinctive patina. The degree to which they transform in appearance is influenced by the surrounding environment and conditions of use.

Fish head in brass for wall water fountain

Renaissance Arts Company Limited is a Malta, is a European based enterprise that specializes in offering a superb collection of interior and exterior range of retro styled tapware and water fountain spouts in single, small and larger quantities internationally.

Our handcrafted tapware production mainly caters for decorators, traders, resellers, architects, landscapers, designers, commercial entities, and private individuals.

We proudly serve customers in Malta, as well as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the Middle East.

Our tapware adornes hotels, restaurants, homes and private and public gardens internationally and if you considering to set up a water feature or upgrading you current space with some tapware of character we invite you to browse our website to find more about what we offer.

Should you need any advise, check for pricing and availability contact Renaissance Arts Company Limited at and cc to or call at +356 21 632623 for pricing, availability, or questions.

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