Hose-Bib Spigots with Animal Themed Knobs

Animal ornated hose-bib water spigots in brass

Cat, bird, fish, rooster, snail, horse, tortoise, elephant, owl and duck water tap inspired design.

1/2'' hose-bibs that can be fitted with various backplates or supplied with an aerator on request. Artisan made in Europe.

Hose-bib spigot tap with bird handle

Spigot tap with bird knob


Hose-bib spigot tap with cat handle

Spigot tap with bird knob


Hose-bib spigot tap with rooster handle

Spigot tap with rooster knob


Hose-bib spigot tap with duck handle

Spigot tap with duck knob


Hose-bib spigot tap with elephant handle

Spigot tap with elephant knob


Hose-bib spigot tap with dolphin handle

Spigot tap with fish knob


Hose-bib spigot tap with horse head handle

Spigot tap with horse head knob


Hose-bib spigot tap with owl handle

Spigot tap with owl knob


Hose-bib spigot tap with owl handle

Spigot tap with snail knob


Hose-bib spigot tap with tortoise handle

Spigot tap with tortoise knob


Other backplates and escutcheons may be compatible with these fountain spouts and subject to a minimum quantity other finishes may also be available. Our works are artisan made in Europe and are meant to tarnish and patinate with time to develop a distinctful patina. This tapware is BSP threaded however if needed North American customers can easily have them rethreaded in NPT if needed by a local plumber.

Note: All dimensions are in millimeters (mm). 10mm equates to 1 centimeter (cm). 1 inch equates to 2.54cm

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