European Rustic Tapware and Water Fountain Spouts in Brass

Replica of vintage water fountain spout in brass

Artistic tapware and water fountain spouts for home and garden

Decorative garden spigots │ Artistic indoor faucets │Retro sink mixers

Water fountain spouts │ Wall water emitters

 All featured rustic tapware is European, artisan made in brass and customization options may include bronze finish and brass or chrome polish.

Water spigot tap for garden in brass
Traditional spigots and hose-bibs in brass

Classic garden taps in brass with or without hose-bib in bronze or polished brass finish.

Water spigot with hose-bib with horse head
Hose bib taps with animal ornated knobs

Cat, duck, horse, cockerell, horse, snail, elephant, dolphin, tortoise and bird ornated traditional taps.

Swan head hose bib aka the gradon head tap
Wall mounted water faucets in swan design

Also known as the dragon headed water taps available in various finishes.

Wall mounted faucets in artisitc style
Wall mounted faucets in retro design

Ornated wall mounted taps in polished brass or bronze finish for the interior and exterior.

Decorative Push Button Taps for Fountain and Garden
Decorative wall mounted push-button taps

Vintage styled press-buttion taps and spigots for fountains and other indoor or outdoor use.

Sink mounted faucet in rustic design
Designer sink mounted faucets

Deck mounted and wall mounted sink faucets and water mixer taps for rustic ambients.

Continious water fountain spouts in rustic design
Continuous Water fountain spouts

Water fountain spouts in polished brass and bronze finish

Large wall mounted spouts for water features and swimming pools
Wall mounted masks and water spouts

Face masks and animal head spouts for water features and swimming pools

Frog and fish ornated water spouts for garden water feature
Artistically designed pond mounted spouts

Artistic water emitters for small and large water features and swimming pools

Vintage styled ball valves in brass
Retro styled ball valves in brass

Unique ball valves styles in a vintage design in polished brass and bronze finish

Decorative backplates and escutcheons for water taps and fountain spouts
Decorative escutcheons and backplates

Small rosettes, backplates and large backplates  for taps, spouts and spigots

Our tapware is artisan made using traditional techniques and is meant to tarnish and patinate with time to develop a distinctful patina. We are Europe based and since 2003 we proudly supplied customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Spain and most of Europe.

Artistic wall-mounted water faucet in copper finishWall mounted water emitter in fish head designWall mounted fish head water spout for fountainLarge wall mounted backplate and tap in rystic designDesigner sink faucet for cold and hot water in polished brassfinishWall mounted water tap in copper finish